Intellectuals AI: Aiding Organizations in Digitally Transforming their Operations

CIO Vendor Today, as Digital transformation is gaining good traction in India, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the buzzword for organization across industries. This next-gen computer science is creeping its way into the core of every organization, as organizations’ utmost need of the hour demands them to be future ready, so as to stay relevant with the ever changing market dynamics. Moreover, with data becoming the bread and butter for every organization, need for Machine Learning and Deep Learning has tremendously increased for processing and analyzing these heaps of data for better decision making; thereby bringing productivity and efficiency into one’s operations.

While we are witnessing many a solutions providers who are aiding specific organizations by empowering them with these next gen technologies, but, if we see it from a generic perspective, today’s organizations needs a trustworthy technology partner who can deliver end-to-end IT solution to every requirements.

Envisioning itself in becoming the entity in bringing digital transformation across India, a Bangalore based company named Intellectuals AI has been justifying itself as a one-stop solutions company when it comes to optimizing and automating business processes through AIbased Solutions, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Web Designing, SEO and Software Development solutions. With creativity, uniqueness and Quality as the fundamental in delivering solutions to its partners, Intellectuals AI has highly skilled and dedicated programmers, designers and data scientists who ensure global competitiveness and best in class solutions for their clients.

Furthermore, it also ensures handsome return on investment by empowering clients with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Bridging the Gap between Employers and Candidates
Intellectuals AI has been debunking barriers in integrating AI technology in the hiring process from talent gap, concern over privacy, among others,
to build best-in-standard Job Search Engine. The company has been filling the void which is keeping candidates away from a desired job and employers away from a needed employee, as per the role. With the objective of becoming the best Job Search Engine tool in India by 2022, the company is enabling candidates to find the best suited job from many organizations based on their skill set; thus, saving significant amount of time for candidates. If we see it from employers perspective, they will have a vast reach across numerous applicants and can perfectly choose the right candidate that is fit for the particular role.

We have a bigger objective of becoming an all-in-one solution company which will aid every organization across industry, to bring complete digital transformation

Bringing Efficiency in Operations with Digital Document
Intellectuals AI has also been aiding organizations in digitally converting images of typed or handwritten printed text (scanned document, photo of the document, scene-photo, etc.) into a digitally readable and editable format through its clever OCR engine. This tool has numerous successful use cases across many industries as it can be seamlessly integrated according to the requirements of one’s business or projects, and, users can choose from three service offerings including free (convert 100 pages), member (convert 5000 pages), and premium (convert 10,000 pages).

Furthermore, Intellectuals AI is not just limited to only these offerings, but, delivers a complete array of solutions across data analytics, machine learning, design and development, software development, website maintenance, digital marketing, inventory management, shopping websites and SEO optimization.

“We don’t believe in concentrating in just one segment, but, we have a bigger objective of becoming an all-in-one solution company which will aid every organization across industry, to bring complete digital transformation,” concludes Venkatesh Dhande, Founder at Intellectuals AI.