Annova Solutions: Customized and Scalable Industry Specific Solutions

CIO Vendor Organizations today are adopting Machine Learning enabled solutions to enhance customer experience, ROI, and gain a competitive edge in business operations. As a result, the application of machine learning in various industry verticals is expected to rise exponentially. Advancement in technology and proliferation in data generation are some of the major driving factors for the growth of this market. India plays a key role in evolution of next big trends of technology- Machine Learning. Companies have access to more real time data and their ability to use it for making smarter business choices has increased manyfold.

However, the challenge that remains is to understand the business context of machine learning application and create a seamless experience for data scientists and tech team.

Annova combines the best of two worlds- Deep experience of its leadership team working with big organizations around the globe and nimbleness of start-up culture. It is one of the leading machine learning service providers and works with a variety of clients like loan authorization based on satellite images, text labelling for analytics clients and createsa seamless experience for data scientists and tech team.

Offering Machine Learning Solutions for Enhanced Client Experience
“We have a singular focus – to do everything we can do and more, to make our client’s business better. Annova sets up extended operations team for its clients, which focus on doing most of the heavy lifting while client’s team focuses on key business objectives,” says Amit Jain, CTO & Founder.

Annova offers wide range of service for their clients in the area of Image Annotation, Computer Vision, Video Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Deep learning, and Industry specific AI applications.It offers accurate, on time, and efficient training for client’s machine learning algorithm. “Our technologists and data scientists create cutting edge solutions to keep the client’s organization ahead of competition.
We combine AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in conjunction with cognitive technologies for various verticals such as education, gaming, and e-commerce,” says Vikas Dubey, CEO & Founder.

Annova works with numerous companies around the world on providing customised and scalable industry specific solutions like Image Annotation for e-sports, facial recognition and face detection for AI/ ML solutions for live telecast, Video Analytics Solution for cricket, football, basketball, and many other sports, Image based claims processing for an auto insurer, Fire hazard detection based on live video streaming for an oil companies, and Farm loan processing for an AI assisted micro lending solution providers.

We combine AR and VR in conjunction with cognitive technologies for various verticals such as education, gaming, and e-commerce

“Annova’s leadership team has worked with clients around the globe in transforming businesses and their operational processes nyleveraging technology. The team is exposed to and has experience in driving business results for organization operating at scale. At Annova, we are able to combine our experience with the agility of a start-up and create superior results for our clients. At Annova we focus solely on figuring out how our work impacts client’s business in a direct manner and align everything we do to that one singular objective,” concludes Amit.