Xpertnest: Brings Disruptive Innovation

CIO Vendor If we take a pause out of our busy life, and generously give a look around, we would notice how much we’ve progressed as human beings in term of technology. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are painting a picture of sci-fi fiction novel driverless cars, handsfree devices, communicating home appliances, automatic street traffic regulators, drone capturing images of crop fields, and the list goes on. All of this did not just appear over night. It’s the result of innovative minds that spent a part of their life calculating and shaping the future for us humans. Based out of their UK office at London and India office at Ahmedabad, Xpertnest has been building disruptive technology solutions in a plethora of verticals that touches human lives one way or the other. “More than the technology, it’s the impact that we make on lives across the globe is what matters to us most”, says Chintan Panara, Co-founder, Xpertnest. Expertise in enthralling technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning has enabled the company to build smarter systems that can create an intelligent world.

From the Roots
Arun Kar and Chintan Panara, former flat mates between the years 2009 to 2012, had already begun their entrepreneurial journey by working for a tier 1 Telecom Managed Services provider when idea for Xpertnest germinated in their enthusiasm. An Ex-Defence Cadre and alumni of IIM Bangalore, Arun is a Global Leadership Cadre professional who is adept at engaging with senior decision makers (CXO level) of Tier 1 companies in the UK, EUROPE & US. Arun has worked for customers like BT, Three UK , Vodafone, KPN, Global Banking & Financial Markets customers and Smart Cities development along with Government initiatives across geographies. Arun also brings in C-level connects to Tier 1 clients, including fortune 500, with enormous business propositions and by driving disruptive innovations. Chintan has over 15 years of experience successfully delivering large multimillion pound programs of work within both the private and public sectors. He was responsible for formulating program strategies, establishing teams and leading successful deliveries throughout the UK and EMEA. He has also worked on Architect and design component and functional solution for various customer for various aspects of data management.

Arun and Chintan were working in a business unit of the Telecom managed service provider in 2009 with one other fellow employee. Despite doing their best with a 5 out of 5 CASR rating, and serving a Telecom operator client, the business was lost to a large-scale organization for some unfortunate reasons. This moved the duo greatly and became a turning point in their career. Believing this event to be their calling, Arun and Chintan started off to establish their own venture in 2015-16. After a lot of struggle and negotiations, the first project that Xpertnest landed was worth 750 Pounds. They started with 2 individuals and now 130 plus associates across the globe. The rest is history. Over the years, Xpertnest has touched extraordinary milestones with their expertise. On the October of 2018, Xpertnest was invited to UK to meet the Mayor of Bournemouth council and the Senior Digital Economy team who expressed their ambitions & strategy to Xpertnest for a Smart City. Being welcomed by the CEO & Senior Delegates of Whale cloud (a subsidiary of Alibaba), and their UK smart city partners, Xpertnest was chosen to help strengthen their UK team and is looking forward to working as an integral part of the new Smart city team to unlock the potential of Smart Cities for the UK Government. One major breakthrough in Xpertnest’s journey was when after his exit from British Telecom, the CIO Dave Reynolds joined Xpertnest as the Director of Board in Nov 2017. Recently, David Morgan( Co CEO SmartKlub) and Chairman of Cedar Professional Services has been appointed as one of the Executive Director to lead multi stake holder Public & Private Investments Projects in Smart Data Solutions.

An Exceptionally Wide Spectrum of Vertically Diverse Projects
Leveraging on the most cutting edge technologies to create ground-breaking solutions across industries, Xpertnest is dedicated to build smarter systems that create a more intelligent world for mankind. The leadership at Xpertnest perceives the world as various segregated micro systems waiting to be transformed into one larger ecosystem that is striving together. While at a constant quest to bring innovation, Xpertnest looks towards nature as the source of all solutions that are simple, intuitive, and beneficial. “We believe in being innovators who are ever evolving. We create, innovate and implement technologies that make a positive and real difference in keeping up with our habit for disruption”, says Arun.

Smart Solutions
Whatever Network data is gathered by telecom service providers, they only have the means to identifying the problems at the network level but not at the application level. Applying AI & ML analytics, Xpertnest has demonstrated capabilities to fix problems right from the network level to the application level thereby exceptionally improving customer experience. In the transport sector, Xpertnest is working out an AI & ML based algorithm for driverless cars. On one hand while Xpertnest is helping the insurance companies with driver behavioral data, the dashboard cams collecting this data also reaches the government, informing them about the road conditions; a two way objective accomplished. Using Indian
Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) facility, Xpertnest also helps in predicting crop growth improvement and yield by using the drone data collected. This is a significant contribution in the Indian agriculture sector. Xpertnest team successfully completed an experimental project on Wheat Data Analysis (Ear analysis the grain bearing tip of the stem) based on plant phenotyping and plant image analysis. The team used a popular object detection model called You Only Look Once(YOLO) for this experiment It falls into the category of one shot detectors that predicts boundary box and class at the same time. The analytical fallouts and insights of these experiments were one of its kind; which was acknowledged and appreciated by the IARI scientists.

Xpertnest creates, innovates and implements technologies that make a positive and real difference

Working in the smart city space for UK, Xpertnest’s AI & ML based engine has proven to be quintessential to solve the traffic congestion issue for developing cities in the UK. Moreover, for a Turkish client, this innovator successfully completed and delivered Traffic analysis solution using using Google Direction and Map APIs. So much so, that the Gujarat Government too sought Xpertnest to contribute to their smart city initiatives. On the March of 2018, Xpertnest along with a team of delegates from Alibaba, met the then CM of Gujarat (Vijay Rupani) to discuss a way forward for bringing in Smart Cities, IoT & AI capabilities in Energy, Traffic management, Clean Water Management, Garbage Recycling, Smart Farming, etc. to the state of Gujarat. Having gathered a dense domain expertise in the smart city, Xpertnest has set foot in the smart home products segment too. “We are not just into the supplier and vendor relationship. We help with a public private relationship, where a government lays its trust with a private venture, from outside the country, for a truly technologically developed society”, adds Chintan.

Xpertnest’s relentless pace innovating across the globe was notived by the Mobile World Congress and thus, the leadership was interviewed to talk to Mobile World Live about why they’re key players in the global market. Setting benchmarks on their way up, Xpertnest took a giant leap on the June of 2018. UK Home office (United Kingdom Visas & Immigration) approves award of ‘Employer Sponsorship License’ to Xpertnest Ltd allowing the company to now assign ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’ to prospective employees in the UK. Having made such remarkable contributions to the human lives across the world, Xpertnest truly is a company to vouch for and an organization working for the greater good of our species.

Xpertnest was featured on Telegraph UK and also interviewed by the International media during with Mobile World Congress(Barcelona).

Xpertnest Contribution towards Bigger Disruption
Armed with the most cutting edge technologies to create ground breaking solutions across industries, Xpertnest is dedicated to build smarter systems that create a more intelligent world for mankind. They perceive the world as various segregated micro systems waiting to be transformed into one larger eco system that is striving together. In their quest to bring innovation, look towards nature as the source of all solutions that are simple, intuitive, and beneficial. They believe in being innovators who are everevolving. Xpertnest creates, innovates and implements technologies that make a positive and real difference. In keeping with their habit for disruption.

At Xpertnest, the team brings ‘together’ technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, IoT, complex solution development combined with advanced analytics to go one step beyond predicting trends and further optimizing processes to provide more value. From telecom to transport, automobile to agriculture, smart cities to smart homes, healthcare or finance, Xpertnest is making a better world. Xpertnest is working with partners such as WhaleCloud (Alibaba Group Company) to bring AI into the provision of telecommunication services and supporting the necessary transformation required for next generation products such as SDN/NFV. They are working with local government in the UK to bring city wide smart digitization transformation. Making Prisons and Courts paperless for an African country. In Healthcare, Xpertnest has end to end Healthcare solution for leading hospitals and implementing Diagnostic Decision Making based on patient complaint & symptoms. Using AI, ML, Deep learning-based framework for connected cars and driver behaviour analysis for improving safe driving. They are also working with IARI (Indian Agriculture Research Institute) towards various research targeted improving crop yield and precision farming. Also, conducting survey and analysis of Satellite/Drone Images using advance image stitching algorithms. Using the building blocks of integrated technologies,Xpertnest offers businesses universally the chance to be part of a global shift towards a more connected world. This creates an urge to drive deeper engagement with the partners, both in the real and digital spaces.

They say - We believe, together we can make a difference!