InnovatorsBay: One Stop Innovation Centre for Tailored Platforms

CIO Vendor As consumers, we’ve come a long way from the age of ‘Hands & Touch’, in which we operated buttons with our hands, to an age of ‘Mind & Body’, in which we use our body as a user interface. Bengaluru based InnovatorsBay, over the last 3 years has been working with multiple clients ranging between Fortune 500 companies and startups on IoT platforms. The company has been building platforms to monitor thousands of moving trucks with sensors transmitting real time data, a smart shelf to monitor real time shelf occupancy & product misplacement and accordingly initiate the reordering process (by integrating with the ERP systems)in a retail store.

Recently, InnovatorsBay has started working on a healthcare prototype to collect vital signs from the human body and detect heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. The company has also built a disruptive product for the F&B industry called TapIO, a smart AI and IoT based solution with interesting features like dynamic pricing and targeted marketing along with customizable hardware variants. InnovatorsBay’s dynamic pricing algorithm analyses the demand and supply of the product(s), understand the underlying patterns and the price elasticity of demand and accordingly vary the price for each the product. The algorithm has been developed in a generic way and can easily be deployed for other industries. Targeted marketing, on the other hand, is achieved through customer value and segmentation algorithm which utilizes the transactional behavior of an individual customer along with demographic details to create customer segments and then predict their propensity towards multiple campaigns.

Subtle yet Powerful Innovations
InnovatorsBay’s AI and ML systems have enabled the partners to make
strategic, tactical and operational decisions. The platforms(backed by AI and ML)built by InnovatorsBay are disruptive and have solved use cases with data being text, video, customer details, business operations details, stock market values, ECG signals and many more. AI and ML powered IoT-as-a-Service product for the food and beverage industry (releasing in May, 2019) is to increase business’s sales, streamline the customer’s journey and achieve great customer delight. InnovatorsBay believes that data can help any organization fundamentally transform its business and thus the company evangelizes businesses in numerous verticals to digitally transform with their strong analytics solutions. “Each use case is different in some or the other way and requires deep ideation to understand the business, market, current situation, desired goal, gaps/issues and data before coming up with an architecture which would drive the entire system”, says Manish Singh, CEO at InnovatorsBay. The architecture designed by the InnovatorsBay team drives the entire platform with cutting edge analytics algorithms to analyze the data, advanced frameworks like Apache Spark or Hadoop to make the data processing smooth and business intelligence tools like TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau or PowerBI to act as a medium to make strategic decisions by consuming the actionable insights on the dashboards.

InnovatorsBay’s AI and ML systems have enabled the partners to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions

In the years to come, the CEO and his core team (Jitendra Patil, Kanika Batra and Sushruth Madyahnapu) envision InnovatorsBay as an India based innovation centre that constantly creates disruptive innovative products and become a production house for multiple startups.