CoffeeBeans Consulting: Refactoring Innovative Technology to Tackle Real World Challenges

CIO Vendor Machine learning is dominating innovation in companies across the globe, and is expected to maintain this trend in the coming years, owing to an increase in demand for AI powered industry solutions. CoffeeBeans Consulting, headquartered in Bengaluru, is a product factory which builds products for various domains primarily built on AI. CoffeeBeans also provides consulting services and helps in creating great businesses with cutting edge technology using agile methodologies. The company’s main expertise lies in Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Mobile Apps and Responsive Web apps.

“CoffeeBeans was started with the intention to fill the gap that we find in market usage of technology specifically in special domains. We initially started with retail domain because we saw a huge gap in the old way that people used to buy. Our products cater towards this as a social commerce platform”, said Santhosh Sagar Reddy, Director, CoffeeBeans Consulting.

Fostering Innovative Products
CoffeeBeans’ forte is to transform great ideas into live products. The company does this with the help of their two products, i.e, and FastNext. is an advanced predictive engine built on user behavior and product attributes. The heart of lies in the machine learning algorithm which recommends close to perfect articles to their customers’ interests. This is also the reason why WRU is powering some of the biggest media houses with domain agnostic hyper personalized recommendations. Moreover, FastNext is an outbound recruitment platform which helps organizations to find and engage top passive talent. It is an AI recruitment platform which finds talent based on not just technical skills but also based on cultural fitment and career objective fitment. Powered by 300 million
plus profiles and fuelled by own AI algorithm, it helps bring the right people to organizations.

The company’s consulting services include Technology Consulting, Product Consulting and Process Consulting

Besides this, CoffeeBeans also has a very strong consulting service offering which tackles a majority of real world challenges for growing businesses. The company’s consulting services include Technology Consulting, Product Consulting and Process Consulting. With regards to technology consulting, from building core mobile apps for one of the fastest growing startups to helping a leading consulting firm with their Big Data Pricing strategies, CoffeeBeans has delivered the latest tech with abundant experience to help solve their challenges. In product consulting, CoffeeBeans has helped ventures from newly born startups and established enterprises, to rapidly build their dream products. Additionally, with decades of experience in Agile, XP and Lean development practices on real world projects, the company has helped organizations to adopt best development practices.

CoffeeBeans fuels passion to find the key to challenges. Likewise, the company does consulting work to solve problems for many sectors like sales, publishing, and retail, etc. CoffeeBeans has also helped publishing house to get top 10 articles on daily basis. Currently, CoffeeBeans is working on NLP to feature big articles and content to summarize them automatically. With such aggressive stances against business problems, CoffeeBeans values a positive attitude, a sense of ownership and an insatiable hunger to learn every day.